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Secure Checkout Terms of Use

1. Overview

A. This Tradesy Secure Checkout User Agreement (“Agreement”) is a legal agreement between Recycled Media, Inc. (“Tradesy”,“we”,“our”,“us”, or “the Site”) and you, a Seller on Tradesy (“Seller”, “Sellers”, “you”, or “user”). In order to list items for sale and accept payments directly through Tradesy, you must enter your PayPal address into your Account, and authorize payment via Tradesy for each and every listing created. When you complete each and every item listing, you explicitly agree to this agreement, and are notified thereof, when you click the button that posts your listing on the Site. Secure Checkout allows Sellers to accept authorized credit card transactions (“Payment Transactions”), have those funds held by Tradesy and/or Paypal, and have those funds subsequently deposited into Seller’s Paypal account, upon Seller’s initiation of the funds transfer process.The person purchasing from a Seller (“Buyer” or “Buyers”) may authorize a Payment Transaction with any major credit card accepted by PayPal.

B. You agree to accurately and honestly represent each and every item you list for sale on Tradesy, both in the images and text that you supply to describe your item.You agree to refund the full item price of any item that you have misrepresented on the Site, as determined at Tradesy’s sole discretion, to Tradesy (Tradesy provides refunds directly to Buyers of misrepresented items, then collects refund fees from Sellers).Tradesy will contact you via the email address that you have provided to us to inform you of a pending refund. If you do not respond to this email within 48 hours, you hereby authorize Tradesy to withdraw the full sale price from your PayPal account. In the event of a processed refund, your sold item will be returned to the shipping address you have provided to Tradesy, within 10 (ten) days of the processing of the refund.

C. Buyers payTradesy directly when an item is purchased. Tradesy holds funds until such time that the Seller ships their item. For all items except those listed in the Weddings category, a tracking number on each Tradesy shipping kit triggers the release of payment from Tradesy to the Seller. This payment is processed and completed within 24 hours of the shipment tracking activation. For all items listed in the Weddings category, the seller must ship their item with their own packaging and postage, and enter their tracking number into their Tradesy account. The tracking number will be verified within 24 hours (usually much sooner), triggering payment to the Seller. This payment to the Seller is released to the Seller’s Tradesy Account, where it may be transferred to the Seller’s PayPal account at any time, or maintained in perpetuity as credit for use as currency equal to United States currency on (”Tradesy Credit”). Special discounts and incentive offers may apply to Sellers who spend Tradesy Credit on from Tradesy to PayPal may take up to 24 hours to process, but usually take less time. Fees may apply. See our Fees Policy for details.

D. Tradesy helps facilitate marketplace transactions and is not the purchaser of the Seller’s goods. See our Terms of Service for more information.

E. Tradesy Secure Checkout is generally available seven days per week, twenty-four hours a day, except for scheduled downtime due to system maintenance. Secure Checkout functionality may be made available, modified, or discontinued by us at any time without notice and is subject to the limitations of Tradesy’s Terms of Service.

f. As a security measure, we may, but are not required to, impose transaction limits on some or all Buyers and Sellers relating to the value of any transaction, deposit, or adjustment, the cumulative value of all transactions per day or other period of time. We will not be liable to any Seller if we do not proceed with a transaction, deposit, or adjustment that would exceed any limit established by us, or if we permit a Buyer to withdraw from a transaction.

G. We may refuse service to anyone, for any reason, at any time.

2. Payment Transactions

A. Buyers may authorize a Payment Transaction with any form of payment accepted by PayPal.

B. The use of Secure Checkout must be solely for the sale of eligible items listed on reserves the right to terminate Seller’s access to is Seller is determined to be using Secure Checkout for transfer of funds not related to the sale of items listed on Tradesy.

C. Tradesy reserves the right to decline Payment Transactions that we have reason to believe to be high risk, fraudulent, or in violation of this Agreement.

D. Tradesy does not maintain records associated with credit card or payment info, other than PayPal email addresses, and does not pass any secure data to Buyers, Sellers, or Third Parties. Buyers and Sellers may receive limited information about each other, as necessary to complete a shipping transaction, including but not limited to full names and shipping addresses. Use of this information is dictated by our Privacy Policy.

Please read Tradesy’s Terms of Service, Fees Policy, and Return Policy for Sellers for more information about buying and selling on Tradesy.