What happens after I ship? Last updated May 20, 2021

When your item sells, you'll first confirm the sale and then promptly ship to the buyer. Then, when the shipping carrier updates the tracking on your package, we'll alert your buyer to watch for their item. Additionally, your earnings on the sale will become pending - which you can view on your Earnings & Site Credit page. When earnings are available you'll also be able to transfer from here into a PayPal account, debit card, or checking account (ACH). Read on for more help with tracking and earnings.


Always log in to Tradesy to confirm a new sale within 4 days. Then, you'll see your next steps on your Sales page, based on which shipping option you chose when you created the listing. 

Be sure to send your item within 10 days of the Order Date - not only as a courtesy to the buyer, but also to avoid cancellation. Plus, the faster you ship, the faster you're paid!


Track shipping

If you ship with your own postage, add the tracking info to your Sales page as soon as you mail the item. Review how to ship on your own here.

If you ship with our printable label or Tradesy Shipping Kit, you're all set! The tracking number is already applied to the sale, so you don't need to do anything aside from dropping the package into a USPS dropbox at the local Post Office or FedEx drop box depending on the label you used.

When the shipping carrier scans your package, the tracking will be live for both you and your buyer to watch its progress online.

Note: There's sometimes a delay between when you dropped off the package and when it's scanned, but tracking should update within 3 business days.

Delayed or unusual tracking?


Track pending earnings

Your earnings from the sale will be pending once tracking updates on your package. To check your pending and available earnings, log in to Tradesy and head to your Earnings & Site Credit page:

  • On a browser: Click here.
  • On the iOS app: Select Me on the bottom toolbar and then Earnings & Site Credit from the menu.
  • On the Android app: Select the "Me" icon at the top right corner and then Earnings & Site Credit from the menu.

On a browser, you also can click on each transaction line below to expand it, and you'll see the latest date you'll wait for your earnings to be available. To see this from a mobile device, click View Transaction History at the top, above SITE CREDIT. 

Don't see any update?

Tradesy may hold your funds for up to 21 days after your item has been delivered to the buyer to ensure the security of every transaction.

When funds are available, you'll be able to transfer to your PayPal, debit card, or checking account. Or, to save the Safe Transfer Fee, you can use more of your earnings as cash towards your next Tradesy treasure

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