Can I cancel my order? Last updated Feb 26, 2021

All sales on Tradesy are binding, so only sellers can cancel an order. To ask the seller to cancel, log in to Tradesy on a web browser or the app and head to your Purchases page. You can click Contact Seller from here to send a message to see if they are open to canceling the sale.


Request to cancel

If you'd like the seller to cancel, head to your Purchases page:

  • On a browser: Click here.
  • On the iOS app: Select Me on the bottom toolbar and then Purchases from the menu.
  • On the Android app: Select the "Me" icon in the top right corner and then Purchases from the menu.

Locate this order, and click Contact Seller. This starts a message thread between the two of you on Tradesy. You can ask if they're willing to cancel.

Seller responsibilities

After you place your order, Tradesy prompts the seller each day to log in to their account to confirm they have the item to ship to you. If the seller does not acknowledge any Tradesy alerts within the first four days, the order will be automatically canceled just after midnight on the 5th morning. 

When the seller confirms your order, they're prompted to ship within 10 days from when you purchased. If it's been over 10 days with no news on your Purchases page, you can contact Tradesy to cancel your order.


If the order is canceled 

You'll see the status update on your Purchases page and receive an email confirmation of the cancellation and refund.

If the order cancels because the seller didn't confirm the sale within 4 days, the authorization charge will drop off your online statement within 1-2 business days.

If the order is canceled after the seller confirms the sale, the charge will be refunded, which will appear on your online statement within 3-5 business days, if not sooner.

If you paid using Affirm, a canceled Tradesy order means your agreement with Affirm is voided and you are not obligated to continue paying for the purchase.


If the order is shipped

If the seller does not cancel and instead ships to you, you have two options if you do not want to keep the item:

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