How will I receive my earnings? Last updated May 20, 2021

You set the price for each item you list on Tradesy and review your earnings breakdown before you publish. When the item sells, you'll ship the item directly to the buyer, and your earnings will become pending once tracking updates on your package. Tradesy may hold your earnings from a sale for up to 7 days after your item has been delivered to the buyer to ensure the security of every transaction. You can then transfer from your Tradesy account to your PayPal, debit card, or checking account. Or, you can easily use your earnings to purchase a new fabulous find on Tradesy.


Price your item

You set your own price for each item you list, and you'll earn more than 80% of your selling price on most items, while Tradesy keeps a 19.8% commission.

Before you publish your listing, you can also review your earnings breakdown with the commission and Safe Transfer Fee already deducted. The final price that the buyer pays includes both your price for the item as well as the shipping cost. 


Track shipping

When your item sells, you can find your next steps for shipping on your Sales page, based on which shipping option you pre-selected when you created the listing. Sellers have 10 days from when the order was placed to ship the item to the buyer, or the buyer may request to cancel.

The faster you ship, the faster you'll get paid.


Track earnings availability

To check on your pending and available earnings, log in to Tradesy and head to Earnings & Site Credit:

  • On a browser: Click here.
  • On the iOS app: Select Me on the bottom toolbar and then Earnings & Site Credit from the menu.
  • On the Android app: Select the "Me" icon at the top right corner and then Earnings & Site Credit from the menu.

After your item has shipped, earnings will appear as pending here. On a browser, you can click on each transaction line to expand it, and you'll see the latest date you'll wait for your earnings to be available. To see this from a mobile device, click View Transaction History at the top, above SITE CREDIT.


Receive earnings

When funds are available, you'll be able to use them like cash to buy something you love on Tradesy.

You also can transfer funds to your PayPal, debit card, or checking account for a low 2.9% Safe Transfer Fee. Learn how here.

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