As a seller, what are my options for shipping? Last updated Feb 25, 2021

For each item you list on Tradesy, you'll pre select one of three convenient shipping methods: receive a Shipping Kit in the mail, print a label directly from your Tradesy account, or handle shipping on your own. The cost of your chosen shipping method is then added to the item's price, so the buyer pays both your listing price and shipping at checkout. When your item sells, you'll ship directly to the buyer. The order will then begin automatically updating on Tradesy once the shipping carrier scans the package - so both you and the buyer can track its progress online. 


Choose shipping before you publish your item

You set your own price for each item you list, and then the shipping cost is added to that total. Learn about calculating your earnings here.

When you create your listing, you'll review your three options in the Shipping section and choose which method works best for you:

  • Tradesy Shipping Kit
  • Prepaid shipping label
  • Ship on your own

Note: All three shipping options are available for every listing, except for items in the Weddings category. Sellers must ship Wedding items on their own.


Tradesy Shipping Kit

Ship without ever leaving home. We send everything you need to get the item to the buyer, including a polybag or box and a prepaid USPS Priority Mail label with tracking and insurance already included.

Learn more here.


Printable prepaid shipping label  

Print a shipping label directly from your Tradesy account when your item sells. You have a choice between carriers when printing your label: FedEx or USPS. Both prepaid labels come with insurance and tracking already included.

Learn more here.


Ship on your own

Use your own packaging, shipping label, and tracking number in the listing, we'll provide a shipping calculator and space for you to add in your estimated out-of-pocket cost, so the buyer price includes both your item and your shipping expense. 

Learn more here.


When your item sells

Tradesy will alert you about all sale updates and new messages, so make sure you've provided us a valid email address you regularly check or your phone number to receive texts, so you don't miss a thing.

When your item sells, you'll find your next steps for shipping on your Sales page, based on which shipping option you pre-selected when you created the listing. You'll ship directly to the buyer - and the faster you ship, the faster you're paid! 

What happens after I ship?


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