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2021 Holiday Guide

The perfect gift is out there… right here.

The Minimalist


They had a capsule wardrobe before the concept existed and are the embodiment of the phrase “less is more.” Make sure whatever you get them has a practical use: a classic leather wallet, a go-with-everything bag, or an ultra-cozy sweater should fit the bill.

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Timeless Classics


Their style motto? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. They haven’t bought into a trend since the ‘90s. Gift them something they’ll love for just as long, thereby ensuring they think of you fondly and regularly for the next several decades.

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The Fashion Archivist


They speak in collections — as in, “wow, that’s so Galliano for Dior couture spring/summer 1998” — and felt seen when Carrie Bradshaw bought Vogue instead of dinner. These rare finds from Jean Paul Gaultier, Comme des Garçons, and Prada will help complete their collection (and prove you know your Dries from your Dolce).

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The Perpetual Vacationer


You’ve considered muting their social media content more than once, but their riveting tales of far-flung locales make up for your occasional FOMO. Give the globetrotter in your life a gift they can really use, like luggage stylish enough to make fellow airport-goers think they’re a minor celebrity.

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The Logo Enthusiast


They’ll rock a Cardi B-level ensemble to go to the dentist and they screamed with joy at the announcement of Fendi x Skims. This logo-lover will swoon for anything over-the-top and of-the-moment, but we suggest a Dior saddlebag, Off-White sneakers, or blinged-out Chanel earrings.

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The One who has it all


It’s not just that they have a closet so extensive it would make even top fashion editors gasp, it’s that every aspect of their existence is expertly curated. The key to shopping for this person is that it has to be chic, and it has to feel like it’s truly from you — attaching a handwritten note will go a long way.

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